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I was kidnapped by air pirates, forced to watch the murder of poor innocent dragons. I saw dragon eggs cooked on flames, baby dragons cut down before their prime. It was a horrid experience and left me with one goal--#SAVETHEDRAGONS.

I cannot do it alone. I need your help. So I created this elaborate tool for dragon lovers everywhere to share their love of dragons and to gather support.

Here's how it works.

  1. Below you will find pictures of different dragons. Pick one that you love best.
  2. Post the image on your website with the hashtag #SaveTheDragons
  3. Email that friend and send them THIS URL. Ask them if they are willing to help #SaveTheDragons as well.
  4. If so, then add an active link from the dragon to one of your friend's websites.

The goal is to build a network of Dragon supporters online with links to one another. If enough people do this, then through the magic of the internet, we might be able to breed more dragons to fight Captain Black Jack Murphy and other evil air pirates intent on ending the lives of these noble beasts.